SomnoMed Inc has completed a successful initial release of its next generation sleep apnea device, SomnoDent G2, in North America.

SomnoDent G2 was initially released to a group of selected clinicians from SomnoMed’s Preferred Dental Network; hundreds of patients have benefited from the new product, according to the company.

“The feedback from patients, physicians, and dentists has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Anthony White, vice president of marketing for SomnoMed. “We will continue to expand availability by inviting more dentists from our network to participate in clinical training sessions in the coming weeks.”

According to the company, some of the benefits of the G2 that were most praised among those who participated in the initial release were increased range of advancement, ease of adjusting the appliance, and the standard metal-free design.

SomnoDent G2 provides patients a modular titration system, allowing accurate measurement with “click to fit” adjustment. The device also features a coupling mechanism that is 20% smaller, slim-line, and more posteriorly located. SomnoDent G2 has an increased advancement range, visible metrics, and controlled lateral movement.