Ebb Therapeutics was recognized with a Silver Medal at the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA). The company was the only manufacturer honored in the sleep medicine space.

MDEA recognizes significant achievements in medical product design and engineering that improve both the quality of healthcare delivery and its accessibility. Specific criteria include design and engineering innovation, user-friendly functionality, and differentiated benefits for patients.

Worldwide entries are accepted across 12 product categories and are judged by a panel of clinicians, engineers, and designers. All products must have garnered FDA clearance.

Ebb Therapeutics’ winning entry, Ebb Insomnia Therapy, was designed to help people with insomnia. The patented, first-of-its-kind treatment works by precisely and consistently cooling the forehead, soothing a patient’s mind and body, and allowing her/him to more quickly enter a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Don Spence, president and CEO of Ebb Therapeutics, says in a release, “The MDEA award is the most prominent and prestigious award in the medical device industry. It’s an honor just to be recognized, but to win among this impressive, competitive field, is all the sweeter. I’m especially proud of two of my colleagues and fellow executive team members, Dr Eric Nofzinger (founder and chief medical officer) and Jeff Schirm (VP, engineering). Eric is a world-renowned, clinical sleep specialist who discovered this effective, safe and more natural way to help millions of sufferers. Jeff and his team turned Eric’s vision into a reality, by engineering the product with uncompromising attention to detail for both efficacy and safety.”