Ebb Therapeutics, the medical device maker of Ebb Insomnia Therapy, has selected The Copley Consulting Group to facilitate and deploy Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solution.Being the first FDA-cleared device that reduces the time it takes insomnia patients to fall asleep and enter deeper sleep, Ebb is anticipating significant growth as it prepares for market launch.

“Helping insomnia patients with a novel treatment that has no significant side effects or dependency is exciting to patients and the sleep clinical community,” says Don Spence, Ebb’s president and CEO in a release. “With CloudSuite Industrial and the help of The Copley Consulting Group, we will be well positioned to grow Ebb Therapeutics by supplying our drug-free, efficacious solution to millions of patients who suffer from insomnia.”

The CloudSuite Industrial solution will enable Ebb Therapeutics to scale operations rapidly and meet the expanding customer and market demands, the companies say. The Copley Consulting Group will provide installation, training, education, and implementation consulting to facilitate Ebb’s deployment of the fully-integrated enterprise solution.

Robert Lane, CEO of Copley, says, “We are very excited about this partnership with Ebb Therapeutics. Through this collaboration, we’ll successfully implement a solution that will allow for a dynamic flow of information between Ebb and its customers and suppliers, and will facilitate Ebb’s delivery of the highest quality products and support to insomnia patients and their treating physicians.”