Soraa, which makes full-spectrum LED technology, introduces a series of lamps that are blue-free and sleep-friendly into its LED lamp portfolio: Soraa HEALTHY.

Soraa HEALTHY products feature patented ZEROBLUE technology, allowing Soraa HEALTHY products to emit a blue-free spectrum reducing melanopic lumens by ~40% compared to conventional LEDs—and without suffering from a yellow cast. Used in conjunction with Soraa’s violet LEDs, Soraa HEALTHY products combine an engineered mix of green and red phosphors to produce a spectrum with a wide gap in the blue range, removing blue completely while retaining a high quality of light, resulting in vibrant, natural white light and color rendering.

“We know blue radiation wakes you up in the morning, getting you ready for the day, but it can be problematic at night as it interferes with our circadian rhythms and inhibits sleep—a common side effect of too much artificial blue light exposure,” says Soraa chief scientist Aurelien David, PhD, in a release.

“At Soraa, we believe light has a strong impact on our everyday life, and we cannot compromise the quality of light,” David says. “We developed blue-free products to provide a light source that is healthy at night and respectful of your sleep cycle without sacrificing color quality.”

Soraa co-founder and board member Shuji Nakamura, who received a Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing efficient blue LEDs, advised the creation of Soraa HEALTHY LED lamps.

“We are entering a new era of healthy lighting options,” Nakamura says. “Soraa’s introduction of blue-free lamps will transform the way people think about light and the impact it has on our daily lives. Blue-free solutions are just the beginning as we continue to develop advanced, dynamic lighting solutions that most closely match light found only in nature.”