Signature Sleep Services (dba Sleep960) will release the latest version of SleepScreener at the upcoming “Current Concepts in Sleep” meeting August 30, 2013 in St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.
SleepScreener has the ability to eliminate paper questionnaires and more effectively identify patients with major sleep disorders in a primary care or dental practice environment. It also has the ability to recognize certain comorbid conditions.

SleepScreener is available in two versions that can be accessed by patients using a tablet in the medical practice waiting/exam rooms or directly from a website. The latter is ideal for situations where the staff is too busy and would rather have the patient complete the questionnaire before they arrive for their appointment. Medical practices utilizing the website are given their own individual reference code, which directs the patient to that practice’s page on the site.

In either case, the health care professionals are alerted on their own tablet or smartphone of any high-risk patients. One click displays a detailed sleep profile report and another displays a populated electronic referral form. A final click sends the signed referral to a designated facility licensed to use the application. Depending on how much time is spent discussing the results with the patient, the entire process can take less than a minute.

Additional enhancements now allow the medical practice to display their own messaging and videos to the patient. “We have added another level of customization so each practice using SleepScreener can produce their own messaging and videos if they wish. This creates a more personal contact with the patients and our experience has indicated when this happens individuals are more likely to complete the questionnaire,” say Michael Clark, VP of Sales and Business Development. “Now we have an application that without question increases patient referrals and assists the health care professional by directing them to prescribe the appropriate diagnostic testing.”