SleepGlad, makers of 3D mask-fitting AI technology, has launched a physician referral network (PRN).

Within SleepGlad’s PRN, sleep centers, physicians, and home medical equipment (HME) providers can collaborate on patient-centric care. Now, not only can patients be scanned remotely or in-clinic with the technology, but those results can also be attached to an electronic prescription or certificate of medical necessity request. This facilitates an efficient workflow for physician review and signature, taking seconds for multiple patients.

Physicians may scan a patient prior to sending referrals according to the HME’s manufacturer and inventory requirements (for HMEs who opt-in to this feature).

Any organization can upload, share, or review supporting documentation, as well as chat in real-time with other organizations (once SleepGlad’s secure sharing protocols are met). 

Combined with SleepGlad’s machine learning and predictive analysis, SleepGlad plans to provide all organizations with the business intelligence analytics to make better decisions. These metrics include subjective compliance data from patients contributing to early-intervention tools and feedback for provider collaboration.

All scans are backed by SleepGlad’s accuracy guarantee.