Customers are welcoming Philips Respironics CPAP devices back in markets around the globe, according to Philips CEO Roy Jakobs, in the company’s third quarter 2023 results webcast. He specifically mentioned Philips’ positive airway pressure devices re-entering the markets of Japan, China, Australia, Latin America, and the European Union.

“We are working through the process with every regulator across the globe,” he said. “[We] are getting very positive support in many of the markets.”

There is still significant demand for CPAPs, he also said, despite the company not making the sleep therapy devices for new customers since its recall. “They welcome competition in the market, therefore there is no special program of discounts or anything like that happening or needed for us to get us back in play,” Jakobs said. “Of course, we’ll work our way back into other markets in a gradual way as we’ve been out for some time. But the first steps back into the market are encouraging.”

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In response to a question about where the sleep therapy devices are produced, Jakobs responded: “We have a manufacturing base which is diversified. We have in the US and outside of the US and we also use that actively, as we speak, for markets outside of the US.”

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