Orange Business Services and Weinmann, a global manufacturer of therapeutic system solutions in sleep medicine and ventilation, have developed homeCareONLINE, a fully-integrated, end-to-end connected medical device solution for sleep therapy.

With homeCareONLINE, data is collected from patients through Weinmann CPAP devices in strict compliance with e-health regulations and international data protection guidelines. The data is then hosted on Flexible Computing Sante – Orange Business Services’ medical data infrastructure.

The homeCareONLINE system provides physicians with a wealth of data, including graphs, and is available remotely through a secure application for registered users.

The technology is designed to support homecare providers to improve patient care and to optimize patient reimbursement. According to Orange Business Services, the homeCareONLINE system provides the opportunity for homecare providers to get close to their patients without travelling, while also being compliant to the latest regulatory requirements.