Umbian Inc released a CPAP compliance monitoring solution called U-Sleep. U-Sleep monitors CPAP device usage, providing daily feedback to CPAP users, their employers, sleep specialists, and insurance carriers, based on customizable compliance standards.

U-Sleep, a Web-based, HIPAA-compliant solution, is useful for companies that understand the positive impact that a CPAP compliance program can have on their business and CPAP users’ well-being. This includes companies involved in commercial trucking, rail transportation, aviation, marine transportation, public transportation, and other commercial vehicle businesses.

"Unlike other monitoring solutions that connect to only one manufacturer’s CPAP devices, U-Sleep connects to several leading device manufacturers," said Raj Sodhi, president of Umbian Inc. "Now, with a single universal product, compliance programs can be managed using CPAP data from multiple manufacturers’ devices."

The current release of U-Sleep supports CPAP devices from multiple leading manufacturers including DeVilbiss Healthcare’s IntelliPAP with SmartCode. Support for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Info Technologies and other manufacturers’ devices will be introduced in the coming weeks.

U-Sleep’s flexible design allows usage data to be submitted via multiple methods, depending on the capabilities of the device. This may include manual entry by the patient, transmission by wireless or wired modem directly from the device, or upload via computer at home or at a sleep clinic.

Once data is submitted, U-Sleep quickly assesses individual compliance and provides immediate notification of compliance outcomes via e-mail, phone, or text message.