HomeCare Magazine: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (F&P) recently reported that the company expects operating revenue for the 2022 financial year to be in the range of $1.675 billion to $1.70 billion.

“In our homecare product group, growth in sales of our OSA masks is currently tracking above our first half growth rate despite supply constraints of treatment hardware in the market,” said Lewis Gradon, managing director and CEO via press release. “Our second half hospital consumables revenue is currently tracking to be similar to the hospital consumables revenue that we reported in the first half of the 2022 financial year.

“This is consistent with reports of the increasing prevalence of the omicron variant over the last two months and its associated lower respiratory intervention requirements, as well as a relatively mild flu season in the Northern Hemisphere,” Gradon continued. “Freight rates remain elevated and for the 2022 financial year are expected to impact our long-term gross margin target of 65% by approximately 250 basis points. Regardless of how COVID-19 effects unfold over the short term, we are confident our business is well-placed to contribute to a positive change in clinical practice and improving outcomes for respiratory patients in general over the long term.”

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