Limb Movement Sensor
Dymedix Corp, Minneapolis, introduces the Real-EZ™ Reusable Limb Movement Sensor. Based on proven polyvinylidene fluoride film, the Real-EZ is latex free and adjustable to fit all adult ankles or wrists. It can obtain reliable tracings without the need for gel, paste, or skin preparation. (888) 212-1100; www.dymedix

D09a.JPG (9396 bytes)Bilevel Device
ResMed Corp, Poway, Calif, introduces the VPAP® III ST-A bilevel device, designed for patients with respiratory insufficiencies and for noninvasive ventilation therapy. It combines the features of the VPAP III series with adjustable breath trigger and cycle thresholds, as well as a full range of user-friendly alarms. The VPAP III ST-A features an optional, fully integrated humidifier and a dynamic pressure range of 3-30 cm H2O. A range of data can be viewed in real time on the VPAP III ST-A’s LCD screen, including therapy screens, oxygen saturation readings, and heart rate data when the portable ResLink™ module is attached. Clinicians can access a 5-night profile or summary statistics for 365 nights. (800) 424-0737;

D09a.JPG (9396 bytes)Light Delivery System
The Litebook® by Litebook, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, can be beneficial for persons who are light deprived. It employs white light emitting diode (LED) technology, resulting in a bright light delivery system. These LEDs are rated to last up to 100,000 hours and are encased in an injection-molded impact-resistant ABS plastic outer shell, making it compact (6" x 5" x1"), lightweight (8 ounces), and durable. To operate Litebook, users simply plug it in and turn it on for 15 to 60 minutes a day. It features a low power draw (1/10th the power of an equivalent incandescent bulb), an AC adaptor, and a carrying case. It comes with a 60-day money- back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. (877) 723-5483;

D09a.JPG (9396 bytes)EEG Software Package
Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, introduces TWin® version 3.5, a Windows-based software package that provides increased acquisition and review functionality for Grass-Telefactor EEG, PSG, and long-term monitoring (epilepsy) systems. With the company’s recently announced AURA24™ ambulatory EEG, the software facilitates recording, review, analysis, and report generation of data. TWin 3.5 also supports the new Grass-Telefactor SleepTrek™ ambulatory sleep screener and the recently announced FASS software program. TWin 3.5 is EDF (European Data Format) compatible and features easy-to-interpret final sleep study reports and an integrated search and query database manager that tracks patient and study information, as well as sleep report statistics. The query feature produces reports showing patient demographics and diagnosis results. (877) 472-7779;

D09a.JPG (9396 bytes)Sleep Screener
Grass-Telefactor, an Astro-Med Inc Product Group, West Warwick, RI, introduces the SleepTrek™ ambulatory sleep screener, a small, lightweight nine-channel data recorder engineered for use in the home to screen patients for sleep disorders. SleepTrek uses sensors to record oxygen saturation, pulse rate, airflow (filtered and unfiltered), thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort, periodic limb movement, and body position. It is capable of recording more than 12 hours of patient data using an internal battery and a multimedia card. An auxiliary channel also is available to record data from other equipment, such as a CPAP device. (877) 472-7779;

 Face-Evading CPAP Interface
InnoMed Technologies Inc, Greensburg, Pa, offers the Nasal-PAP Freestyle, a CPAP interface that does not touch the face, is a dramatic departure from anything on the market, and is available in seven sizes to accommodate a broad sector of CPAP users. After the Nasal-PAP Freestyle was unveiled at the AARC conference in Las Vegas last November, it created a great deal of demand, according to InnoMed. It is now available to the home care market. (800) 200-9842;