By Sree Roy

According to data, plus my insights, the following 5 topics were of the greatest interest to sleep specialists in 2022.

1. CPAP Recall Updates.

As sleep specialists continue to have trouble helping patients obtain CPAPs, updates about the Philips sleep and respiratory recall that began in mid-2021 continue to be of interest. Those updates were a mixed bag. The test results reported in 2021 were good news: Studies found no increased cancer risk for patients who used the now-recalled devices. But a new recall—of CPAP masks with magnets for their potential interference with certain implanted metallic medical devices and metallic objects in the body—sparked a fresh round of concerns.

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2. Comparing Oral Appliances to CPAPs.

Word that SomnoMed is developing sensors that measure treatment efficacy and usage brought increased interest to oral appliances as an obstructive sleep apnea therapy. This innovation would facilitate features that have long been enabled for CPAPs, such as patient-facing apps to track therapy metrics. Also of high interest was a story we published on an investigation into whether CPAP or oral appliances cost more: While CPAP may be cheaper to start, oral appliance therapy comes with fewer costs over time, the study found.

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3. Wireless Home Sleep Testing Arrives.

Several wireless home sleep testing devices earned US Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2022. These user-friendly devices are exciting for their potential to increase access to sleep testing, with some device makers suggesting they could ultimately lead to a future in which sleep testing will be available to the public, not only to those with suspected sleep disorders.

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4. Connecting Cardiology and Sleep.

I’ve been commenting on the links between sleep and cardiovascular health for almost a decade, and I am thrilled to see major healthcare institutions and associations sharing their perspective on this important topic as well. Importantly, in 2022 the American Heart Association released a statement providing data showing the potential value of sleep-disordered breathing treatment on cardiac arrhythmias and suggesting such treatment can improve patient outcomes. 

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5. Senior Sleep Matters.

I was surprised to see the popularity of two articles we published on sleep in the elderly. I knew that senior sleep mattered, of course, but I was amazed at how few resources are available on this subject and how much of a need exists for accurate information. The reaction was a wake-up call to not neglect this important demographic.

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