Compare the services of 4 accrediting organizations in sleep medicine side-by-side: ACHC, AASM, The Compliance Team, and The Joint Commission. (The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has discontinued its facility accreditation program.)

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The guide includes details on:

  • accreditation services (physician-run sleep center with lab, physician-run sleep center without lab/home sleep testing, hospital sleep lab, independent sleep lab/IDTF, dental sleep medicine facility, CMS-approved sleep DME, non-CMS sleep DME)
  • application fee, reaccreditation fee, cost for accreditation standards document, types (provisional, accelerated, new accreditation, reaccreditation, corporate/multifacility), site visit
  • accreditation term (years)
  • initial year (first sleep medicine accreditation given)
  • number of valid sleep accreditations

Specifications gathered in January 2020. A version of this guide published in the January 2020 print issue of Sleep Review. We expect to update the guide about once a year, so let us know in the comments if there are other accreditors or details you’d like included in the next update.

Information based on data submitted by accreditors. Sleep Review strives for accuracy but cannot be held responsible for claims made by accreditors. All accreditors may not be included.