Umbian has begun a 3-month pilot program for its compliance management solution, U-Sleep. U-Sleep is being launched for the commercial transportation industry and will monitor individual drivers who have been diagnosed with and are undergoing treatment for sleep apnea.

U-Sleep monitors PAP device usage, coaches drivers into therapy compliance, and provides detailed reporting to both the driver and their employer. It also allows companies to define specific rules that establish a therapy compliance standard for their organization. Throughout the pilot program, U-Sleep will monitor drivers who utilize a Philips Respironics PAP device that wirelessly shares usage data on a daily basis. U-Sleep sends real-time notifications via e-mail, text message, or voice call when the company’s specific compliance standard is achieved or violated.

"Commercial transportation companies today face many challenges as a result of a sleep-deprived workforce,” said Raj Sodhi, president of Umbian. “Using U-Sleep as part of an overall sleep apnea compliance program will help companies achieve a decrease in absenteeism, accidents, and liability while providing an overall increase in productivity and quality of life for their employees."

Umbian has established a relationship with The Snore Shop, a leading Canadian sleep therapy clinic. The Snore Shop will provide screening, PAP devices, and support to the drivers throughout the trial.

The pilot program is a 3-month study that consists of drivers from various trucking companies.