ResMed Corp released its new S9 VPAP series of bilevel devices, designed to promote long-term compliance through a range of comfort technologies.

"Understanding that bilevel users have unique needs, we developed the S9 VPAP platform to help patients overcome the challenges of noncompliance by giving them tools and technologies to proactively manage their own therapy," said Drew Terry, senior director of product management at ResMed.

S9 VPAPs offer Climate Control, a humidification system that adapts to environmental conditions to deliver optimal pressure and temperature. Complemented by ResMed’s ClimateLine heated tube, it protects patients from rainout without compromising humidity or temperature levels.

"The Enhanced Easy-Breathe technology and Climate Control system give them [patients] control over their own comfort settings,” said Terry. “The sleek and intuitive design makes it easy to set up and use. And it provides daily encouragement by allowing them to view their ongoing therapy progress with the Sleep Quality Indicator."

ResMed’s new generation of bilevel devices builds on features that are crucial to maintaining and increasing overall patient compliance.

"The S9 VPAP was designed with one simple goal: to keep patients compliant on therapy,” Terry said. “For the patient, it means a more comfortable night’s sleep. For health care providers, it means peace of mind. With the positive feedback we’ve received in early market trials so far, we’re optimistic about the future of VPAP bilevels in the sleep market."

New Masks Complete ResMed’s FX Offering
In addition to the S9 bilevel range, ResMed has released new mask solutions. These two new masks complete the trilogy known as the FX series.

The FX series of products was spearheaded by the release of Swift FX nasal pillows in late 2009, which was followed by the January 2011 launch of the Quattro FX. The Quattro FX is an unobtrusive full face mask featuring cushion technology for a more comfortable patient experience.

Most recently, ResMed released the Mirage FX—a nasal mask designed specifically to reduce fitting time and drive compliance.

"These new products give ResMed a full range of mask solutions, which meets the needs of the entire channel. We are very excited about the feedback from both patients and customers regarding these new easy-to-use and comfortable masks," said Don Darkin, senior VP of the Global Patient Interface Business Unit at ResMed.