Philips Respironics introduces BiPAP autoSV Advanced-System One, combining its SV Advanced algorithm with its System One platform.

BiPAP autoSV Advanced-System One was specifically designed and clinically validated to treat complicated sleep-disordered breathing patients. By combining the autoSV Advanced algorithm with the System One platform, the product treats complex sleep-disordered breathing patients and incorporates the Encore patient data management and reporting system, giving clinicians the ability to access real-time patient compliance data including:

• detailed patient and usage information;
• AHI, leak, and periodic breathing data; and
• detailed patient-flow waveform data.

“We know that approximately 5% to 10% of the current sleep-disordered breathing population already consists of complicated patients who present with disease states like complex, central, and mixed apneas or who suffer from periodic breathing, such as Cheyne-Stokes Respiration,1” says Mark D’Angelo, Philips’ senior director, Sleep Therapy. “BiPAP autoSV Advanced-System One’s clinically proven technologies help clinicians manage these difficult patients in the home for long-term compliance.”

BiPAP autoSV Advanced features cellular modem data transfer to Encore Anywhere and incorporates the same advanced System One humidification system that is in the System One product line.

1. Morganthaler TI, et al. Complex sleep apnea syndrome. SLEEP. 2006;29(9):1203-1209.