Research and Markets has added the “Global Markets for Assisted Breathing, Airway Management, and Ventilation in 2014” report to its offering. Ventilators and airway management products generated $4.8 billion in global revenues during 2013, according to the report.

As discussed extensively in this new report, the global market for these products will be affected by key regional differences. In the United States, where respiratory caseloads are expected to rise, greater preference will be given to systems that enable use for patients at all levels of acuity as well as those that facilitate the transition from costly intensive care settings. The European market will be influenced by stagnant caseloads and growing efforts to rein-in costs, while countries in Asia and the rest of the world are prioritizing the acquisition of ventilators and airway management products to accommodate rising demand.

This report examines the global markets for these devices, including ventilators used in acute care; neonatal care; high-frequency ventilators; subacute ventilators; portable ventilators; transport systems; and noninvasive ventilators. The airway management products covered in the report include ventilator circuits; heat and moisture exchangers; heated humidifiers; laryngeal mask airways and supraglottic airways; and masks and circuits used for noninvasive ventilation.