There’s a common misconception about sleep: the idea that when we fall asleep, our brains stop working. But our brains certainly function while we are asleep.

To take advantage of this brain capability, Deborah Hamui created Sleep’n Sync, audio tape programs that she says help children become more receptive and acquire skills needed to live better lives. The programs are to be played while the child is sleeping.

With a variety of audio tape programs homing in on numerous themes kids face in life today, Sleep’n Sync covers bullying, dealing with anger, flexibility, test taking, reading comprehension, and communication skills. This product empowers children with the skills needed to overcome such obstacles, the manufacturer says.

Sleep’n Sync implements audio with an engineered background soundtrack with binaural beats, which it says synchronizes the child’s brainwaves, creating greater receptiveness while the child is asleep. Results are evident in as little as 6 weeks, the company says.

The program includes audio that should be played on a daily basis while a child is sleeping, during a relatively short period of time. In addition, Sleep’n Sync provides recommendations and advice for parents or caregivers, in the form of a booklet created by Sleep’n Sync’s experts.

The program is designed to help synchronize the conscious mind with the subconscious mind of a child. Sleep’n Sync also includes a user friendly evaluation form as a tool to measure the child’s progress and final results.