KY3: One sleep expert explains that although there isn’t a lot of evidence-based research on whether weighted blankets work, her patients like them.

Will they work for you? Consumer Reports’ testing looked at weight and warmth. It found that blankets sold with the same weight could vary in size, changing the pressure you feel.

For example, the 70×48-inch Gravity blanket weighs about 10 ounces per square foot, while the larger YnM Weighted Blanket weighs about 7 ounces per square foot.

Are weighted blankets hot? CR used a device dubbed the Tin Man to measure each blanket’s heat retention. Models with duvet covers were slightly warmer, but all the blankets add about the same amount of warmth that you’d get from a fluffy down comforter.

Manufacturers say you should pick a weighted blanket that’s around 10 percent of your body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should choose a 15-pound weighted blanket.

Sleep experts say that we spend about a third of our life sleeping. There are other ways to help make it great. They recommend avoiding caffeine at night and watching or reading anything

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