The Hill: Tart cherries to chamomile tea could help spur melatonin and help people fall asleep.

Tart cherries. According to Blatner, they are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that regulates a body’s internal sleep-wake cycle. If tart cherries aren’t available, Blatner suggested trying tart cherry concentrate.

Pumpkin seeds. Studies have found pumpkin seeds to be a good source of magnesium which improves insomnia and sleep efficiency. Blatner suggested almonds, cashews and peanuts are other good sources of magnesium for a healthier midnight snack option.

Cottage cheese. Blanter explained that, “Research has found people who ate cottage cheese about 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed experienced better metabolic health, muscle quality, and overall health than people who didn’t.”

Warm milk. Research has found that a protein called casein that’s found in cow’s milk interacts with a key digestive enzyme in the stomach, which produces a sleep-enhancing peptide. Blatner also said that, “the added vitamin D in milk may also play a role in maintaining healthful sleep.”

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