Women’s Health: ‘I Thought I Was A Lazy, Depressed College Student. Then I Was Diagnosed With Narcolepsy’

Today, I’m only a few months into treatment, which consists of a stimulant during the day to stay awake and alert plus additional medication to help me sleep through the night. I also schedule 20-minute naps to cope with daytime sleepiness, a common coping skill for people living with narcolepsy.

Now I feel like I’m the college student I always thought I should have been. It’s so much easier to look at my day, figure out what I need to accomplish, and make it happen. Because I’m functioning at such a higher level, my mood’s up, too. I can finally read extensive research articles and college textbooks *without* falling asleep, my relationships have improved because I don’t have to cancel plans as often, and I can even blow-dry my hair in one sitting (!).