From whether or not you should wake a sleepwalker to the effectiveness of counting sheep, The Sun examines seven common sleep myths.

WE spend up to a third of our lives asleep and a good night’s rest can really recharge the batteries.

But many of the things we think we know about our forty winks are completely wrong.

Luckily the snooze experts at have spent many waking hours researching the subject and have debunked seven of the most common sleep myths.

1: You Can Trick Your Body Into Functioning On Less Sleep
Sleep experts claim that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to function at their best and without adequate sleep, we accumulate what is known as ‘sleep debt.’

Long-term sleep deprivation has been linked to health conditions including obesity, high blood pressure and even depression.

While some people may be an exception to the rule and are able to fully function on less, the majority of us need at least seven hours sleep each night and tricking our bodies to accept less isn’t possible in the way many claim it is.

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