New York Post: Next time you go on holiday, you might find yourself feeling even more tired than usual.

While this can often be attributed to jet lag, there can often be other reasons why you need to sleep more than usual.

Dutch psychologist Ad Vingerhoets from Tilburg University in Holland interviewed 1128 men and 765 women who were in high-powered jobs about getting ill on holiday.

Professor Vingerhoets told Executive Style of the findings: “Likely candidates are people who are consumed with work, who have demanding and high-stress positions, and who have trouble making the transition between a work and non-work environment.”

Elevated stress levels were found to make the immune system less effective – which sounds about right when you’re tying everything up before you turn on your out of office.

This can also be applied with getting everything packed, prepped and sorted before you leave the house, too.

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