Tongue Lab, maker of the TRP (Tongue Right Positioner), launched in Prague its first clinical trial to evaluate the benefits of the TRP on snoring. The TRP is a medical device that enables the tongue to return to its physiological functions and positions, thus increasing muscle tone. The study will be carried out by Dr Filip Bochnicek, a dentist in Prague, and supervised by Dr Petr Janda, director of Prague clinical services.

Thirty-five men and women who have been diagnosed as chronic snorers will be enrolled in the study, which will be conducted over 9 months. Every 3 months, their snoring levels will be measured to evaluate the consequences of wearing the TRP while sleeping.

The TRP is a connected, custom-fitted oral device designed to treat the lingual dysfunctions that cause sleep-breathing disorders. It places no artificial pressure on the teeth, upper airways, or pharynx. Used nightly for at least 6 months, the TRP is worn only over the upper teeth. Patients wearing the TRP are able to speak, consume liquids, and swallow normally.

Jean-Michel Mauclaire, founder and president of Paris-based Tongue Lab, says in a release, “The TRP was invented by Dr Claude Mauclaire, a pioneering orthodontist who’s been studying the impact of training the tongue for more than 40 years. Her initial goal was to avoid a relapse of the orthodontic conditions she’d successfully treated. Using the TRP, her patients experienced other benefits as well. The clinical study we’re launching today could enable Tongue Lab and its partners to offer an effective and lasting solution to the hundreds of millions of people around the world who snore.”