A stolen vehicle suspect faced a rude awakening when an ill-timed nap allowed Florida’s Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office to locate the suspect after he attempted to flee.

According to the sheriff department’s Facebook page, on February 1, a deputy was on routine patrol and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a Chevy pickup for a broken light. Upon his activating the emergency equipment, the vehicle turned around and abruptly came to a stop. The suspect exited the vehicle and ran from the scene through a residential neighborhood.

A K-9 unit responded to the area and began to track the suspect. While on track, deputies heard a noise, later described as “very loud snoring,” coming from under a trailer. It was discovered the noise was coming from the suspect who was napping while concealed under the trailer.

The suspect was woken up and taken into custody. It was determined the vehicle was stolen from Escambia County. The suspect was taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail.