After Kaiser Permanente Hospitals agreed to purchase Apnea Sciences’ oral appliance for sleep apnea, ApneaRx, Apnea Sciences selected California-based CareFusion to manage all phases of distribution.

Dan Dzandzara, fulfillment coordinator for Apnea Sciences, says in a release, “Having CareFusion manage all areas of fulfillment will insure that all Kaiser hospitals receive timely shipments and the A+ customer service CareFusion is noted for.”

Randy Clare of CareFusion says, “ApneaRx is…the type of innovative patented product that advances best in care patient management and the only oral appliance CareFusion offers for the treatment of sleep apnea.” CareFusion reaches more than 200 foreign markets.

Jimmy Fallon, Apnea Sciences vice president, says, “We are proud to be associated with the premier industry leader CareFusion. They can quickly open worldwide markets that would take us over a decade to accomplish. Our success will be multiplied many times over working with CareFusion.”