Consumer sleep technology company Beddit has unveiled Beddit Family. While most consumer sleep trackers focus on individuals, Beddit fills a niche for multiple users who are interested in sleep tracking. It assembles each family member’s quantified sleep habits and long-term sleep trends onto a single website.

“We’re not just scientists at Beddit: we’re parents, kids, and grandchildren, and we work in a company that functions like a family,” says Beddit CEO Lasse Leppäkorpi, in a release. “We know that good sleep quality is the foundation of a happy family and we’re excited to help all kinds of families sleep smart and feel better.”

The Beddit Family includes features such as long-term and 14-day-median trend graphs of sleep amount, sleep efficiency, and resting heart rate. Families can also find useful insight on the sleep data of individual family members and even have a look at nightly sleep cycles and heart rates in one graph.

“Even if the main focus is on families, we designed the product so that any group that has Beddit devices can add their Beddit account into the platform and start comparing their sleep data,” says product owner, Mikko Waris. “Potential users range from sports teams and wellness studios to businesses, schools, and assisted living and elderly communities.”

Since an individual’s deficits in sleep and health can impact a whole family or organization, Beddit can help get to the root of a host of sleep-related issues. The Sunday cartoon-style avatars and slick interface of the Beddit Family make sleep a fun and family-wide topic. Simultaneously, Beddit provides organizations a new perspective into their health programs for improving performance and productivity—especially pertinent as sleep disorders are estimated to cost the US workplace $16 billion annually in direct costs with an additional $100 billion in indirect costs.