Rematee Inc has developed a number of positional sleeping products that can help snorers stay on their side. The Rematee Bumper Belt is an adjustable neoprene belt fitted with three inflatable bumpers, which gently prevents snorers from rolling on their backs while sleeping. Developed by a lifelong snorer and sleep apnea sufferer, the Rematee Bumper Belt and other Rematee products, including the Anti-Snore Shirt, have been praised by doctors and patients.

"In my practice as a Board Certified Sleep Doctor, I’ve learned that not everyone needs CPAP and many can’t tolerate it. For 3 years, I’ve treated patients with mild to moderate positional sleep apnea and snoring by correcting their sleeping position. Using a Rematee Bumper Belt can often provide a great amount of relief," said Alan Hoffman, PhD, MD, FRPCP, FCCP, of Nanaimo Sleep Center.