[removed]Somnetics International Inc[/removed], the maker of the Transcend travel CPAP, has successfully completed testing for the device, which meets electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for use on board an aircraft.

Transcend is a new wearable sleep apnea therapy device designed to be suitable for travel. In addition to being FAA compliant, Transcend fits the travel needs of sleep apnea patients and overcomes hurdles traditionally associated with using CPAP.

While Transcend is FAA compliant, sleep apnea patients traveling by air will need to have a copy of the letter of FAA compliance from Somnetics, which is available as a printable PDF on the [removed]Transcend Web site[/removed]. Travelers will also want to carry a letter from their doctor certifying the need for positive air pressure treatment. And it is advisable for patients to check with the airline’s medical services in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies.