d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)Nasal CPAP Mask With Foam Interface
Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, Mo, says former NFL running back Owen Gill and many other patients claim that the company’s ALIZES™ nasal mask is the world’s best. They say it is the quietest and most comfortable nasal mask that they have tried and appreciate how they can easily custom fit and form the mask to their noses and use the foam accessory if desired. (800) 456-6695; www.rudolphkc.com.  

d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)Home OSA Diagnostic Tool
Itamar Medical, Boston, introduces the Watch PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tone), a tool that keeps the diagnosis of OSA in the clinical practice setting, allowing patients to be tested unattended in their own homes. The user-friendly, compact Watch PAT is not intrusive to the patient as it is worn as an index finger probe held in place by a forearm splint. During the night, the unit records respiratory disturbance indices, oxygen saturation and desaturation values, actigraphy measurements, and heart rate values and changes. The next morning, the patient returns the Watch PAT to the office. Test results are known within a few minutes through a simple download into the practice’s PC. (888) 748-2627; www.itamar-medical.com

d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)Digital Tabletop Pulse Oximeter
Nonin Medical Inc, Minneapolis, introduces the Avant™ 9600 digital tabletop pulse oximeter, offering simple functionality, quick recharge, and 115 hours of memory; it is well suited for a multitude of applications. Incorporating Nonin’s proven PureSAT™ signal processing technology, the 9600 offers concise performance combined with rugged durability. The 9600 provides a variety of display indicators to ensure reliable reading for easy patient evaluation. Flexible alarm management options feature locked, latched, unlatched, and recall for customizable patient settings. The Avant 9600 is compatible with all of Nonin’s PureLight™ sensors. (800) 356-8874; www.nonin.com

d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)OSA Dental Device
The Oral/Nasal Airway System by OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway Systems, Redwood City, Calif, is an upper airway management system for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. The dental device addresses the resistance to breathing in the entire upper airway (both the nose and the throat). By repositioning the mandible, it holds the lower jaw forward to keep open the pharyngeal area in back of the tongue. Acting as a nasal dilator, it decreases airway resistance so it improves ease of airflow through the nasal passage. It is FDA approved for the treatment of sleep apnea and improved breathing through nasal dilation. (650) 369-9227.

d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)Auto-Adjusting CPAP System
Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, now offers C-Flex™ technology in the REMstar® Plus CPAP system. C-Flex offers a more comfortable way to deliver sleep therapy by taking the work out of exhalation. It tracks—and reacts to—every breath throughout the night and makes breath-by-breath adjustments to ensure the optimal level of pressure relief during exhalation. REMstar Plus offers optional integrated humidification, lighted controls, an easy-to-read display, and a sleek design. (800) 345-6443; www.respironicsremstar.com

d06a.jpg (13053 bytes)Nasal CPAP Mask
The DeVilbiss FlexAire® nasal CPAP mask by Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, is engineered to fit a wider array of facial profiles to improve patient compliance while enhancing business efficiency for dealers and laboratories. An air bladder contained within the cushion interface facilitates a better seal and improves patient comfort. The patient can inflate or deflate the air bladder with an air pump located on the side of the mask. With quick-release connections on the forehead pad and “tusks” on the bottom of the mask, patients can remove the mask interface without removing the headgear. (888) 333-2572; www.sunrisemedical.com