BlueSleep, a specialty care digital platform focused on snoring and sleep apnea, is partnering with Shapely, a Los Angeles-based virtual weight loss and wellness clinical pathway, to expand patient access to the platforms.

The partnership helps BlueSleep’s patients quickly access Shapely’s evidence-based clinical pathway to reduce weight and improve wellness, while Shapely’s patients get immediate access to BlueSleep’s digital platform to quickly and affordably diagnose and treat snoring and sleep apnea.

Shapely offers patients an affordable and accessible monthly subscription model that provides expert clinical advice in combination with lifestyle changes and weight loss medications such as Wegovy (Ozempic), Zepbound (Mounjaro), and Saxendra (Victoza), among others.

BlueSleep offers same-day scheduling with sleep specialists, home sleep tests, and oral advancement devices and CPAP. The company accepts all major medical insurance and offers self-pay discounts.

“The care partnership with Shapely is about saving lives by giving weight-loss patients faster access to sleep apnea treatment,” says Jordan Stern, MD, founder and CEO of BlueSleep, in a release. “Obese people have severe apnea at twice the rate of normal-weight individuals. It’s imperative they seek treatment to reduce their chances of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction.”

Justin Zaghi, MD, founder and CEO of Shapely, adds in a release, “Shapely’s care partnership with BlueSleep furthers our mission to help patients lose weight, achieve their best shape, and live longer, more productive lives. Both companies are clinically driven to improve access to affordable health, making this partnership a win-win-win for both companies and patients.”

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