SuperCare Health, a respiratory care and medical equipment provider that partners with health care professionals and insurance networks to help patients manage their care, is piloting CPAP mask fitting technology for patients with sleep apnea to help them get a perfect fit on the first try for masks used with their CPAP and BiPAP machines. 

With the guidance of a prescribing physician or respiratory therapist during a virtual TeleHealth appointment, the technology will allow patients to virtually scan their faces using their own mobile devices and match them with a mask that fits them best from a wide selection of options. 

Reducing the burden of visiting a doctor’s office for a mask fitting, SuperCare Health hopes this new technology will make sleep apnea treatment easier, more cost-effective, and more efficient for patients who may otherwise have difficulty accessing care or adhering to their treatment plans.

The program is currently being tested with efficacy rates expected later this year. If the numbers prove the technology works, SuperCare plans to launch companywide.

“Whenever my team and I begin testing new technology, our ultimate goal is to help patients access the healthcare they need,”  says Sean Nahm, SuperCare’s lead on the pilot program, in a release. “If SuperCare’s innovations can make the patient experience better, we’ll be proud leaders within the healthcare industry as we show how these advancements can truly change lives.”

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