Home respiratory diagnostic provider VirtuOx has launched a new pulse oximeter: VPOD Dream.

VPOD Dream measures not only SpO2 and heart rate, but records also respiratory rate, oxygen desaturation by body position, and sleep time.

Kyle Miko, RT, founder and COO for VirtuOx, says in a release, “Normal overnight oximeters only record SpO2 and heart rate. With the VPOD Dream you will be able to record SpO2, heart rate, body position, respiratory rate, and sleep time. With this new technology, you will be able to determine a patient’s oxygen desaturations in various body positions.”

VPOD Dream records data every second, so you get a full and complete picture of the patient’s health, VirtuOx states. It also has no memory loss. VPOD Dream has a “good study” indicator that shows you its activity, so you’ll know if the patient wears the device throughout the night.