productNeurodiagnostic System
LaMont Medical Inc, Madison, Wis, introduces the LaForce™ family of neurodiagnostic systems. In addition to routine EEG, portable EEG, and epilepsy monitoring, a complete polysomnography sleep system is available, all with digital video. Designed and proven in a clinical setting, the system provides standard polysomnography acquisition and manual scoring. LaMont’s 30-channel sleep amplifier features an In-Line pulse oximeter for SpO2 and heart rate, 24 high-level inputs for CPAP/bilevel, ETCO2 and pressure transducers, and total patient isolation. (888) 452-6668;

productLaptop PSG/EEG System
Nihon Kohden America Inc, Foothill Ranch, Calif, introduces the EEG-9100 laptop PSG/EEG system, a compact version of EEG-1100. It operates on Windows™ 2000 Professional while online staging and scoring are accomplished with Nihon Kohden’s Polysmith Sleep Analysis Software Program. The amplifiers offer a wide range of recording capabilities including PSG, EEG, ICU/OR, and LTM for epilepsy. (949) 580-1555.

productLaboratory Amplifier System
Compumedics, Melbourne, Australia, introduces the new E-Series laboratory amplifier system, which incorporates a direct Ethernet link to a computer network, allowing for a high degree of flexibility. In a multibed laboratory, any amplifier may be controlled from any computer on the network. Simultaneous viewing of multiple E-Series units is also featured. The E-Series offers up to 58 channels of data collection per bed with an integrated oximeter, two pressure transducers, and optional digital video. The E-Series can be used with either of Compumedics’ software packages, Pro Fusion EEG and ProFusion PSG. (877) 717-3975;  

BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, offers the FingerPrint® sleep handheld pulse oximeter with a built-in summary printer specifically designed for sleep screening studies in the sleep laboratory, clinical environment, or home. The unit automatically enters data collection mode after 10 minutes of continuous use, and utilizes minimal LED display when in this mode to lengthen the battery life. A summary of the saturation screening can be immediately printed from the integrated printer. It also provides fast, reliable spot-checking measurements of SpO2, pulse rate, and pulse strength for use in clinical or hospital environments. (262) 542-3100;  

productNasal Mask
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Laguna Hills, Calif, announces the release of the Aclaim Nasal Mask for use with CPAP or bilevel therapy. A patented Glider mechanism allows the headgear to move while the mask stays stationary, ensuring mask stability and preventing air leaks. The Glider hooking mechanism allows the mask to be easily fitted and removed and prevents the need for constant strap readjustment. Soft conforming foam and silicone enhance user fit and comfort while the bias flow diffuser disperses the bias flow to reduce mask noise and drafts. The Aclaim is packaged assembled and ready for use. Only one part requires changing to alter size. (800) 446-3908;  

productCompact Nasal Mask
SleepNet Corp, Manchester, NH, introduces a compact, lightweight, and bendable mask for adult CPAP therapy. The flexible shell, partnered with a soft gel cushion, adjusts to fit snugly under a patient’s nose to provide a leak-free seal. A pliable wire, molded inside the mask, enables a customized and comfortable fit. The breathable, stretch headgear secures the mask comfortably and without constriction. One size fits most. (800) 742-3646;