Nox Medical’s artificial intelligence-driven sleep test software, Noxturnal, is now compatible with Citrix, a remote digital access system used by medical professionals.

Diagnostic devices from Nox Medical come with integrated Noxturnal software, which features both autoscoring capabilities and allows for manual scoring of the raw sleep study data. Noxturnal is included with the polysomnography monitor, the Nox A1s, and the home sleep apnea test, the Nox T3s.

“Citrix users across the world can now look up the Noxturnal software in the Citrix Ready Marketplace and find information about what Citrix setups are compatible with the Noxturnal regular install and setup,” says Valgeir Tomasson, product manager of medical systems at Nox Medical, in a press release.

By becoming Citrix compatible, more sleep labs in the US may rely on Nox technology for their sleep studies, according to a press release by Nox Medical.

Designed for ease of use with a customizable automatic analysis setup, Noxturnal generates an overview of each patient’s sleep data via a recording results page. The software also comes with a customizable workspace layout and a customizable sleep study report.

The software incorporates a range of algorithms, including sleep staging, arousal detection, apnea-hypopnea index, snoring, and periodic limb movement. In recent publications, Noxturnal’s respiratory analysis is shown to be accurate and reliable when compared to a manually scored apnea-hypopnea index.

One study, published in the journal Sleep and Breathing, compared Noxturnal with nine human scorers from seven sleep labs across the world. The study found strong apnea-hypopnea index scoring agreement between the automatic scoring of Noxturnal and manually scored recordings from experienced technologists.

Photo caption: A clinician using the Noxturnal software.

Photo credit: Nox Medical