Circadiance’s SleepWeaver CPAP masks are now on the MaskFit AR formulary and Fit Checker, an artificial intelligence-driven mask recommendation tool that helps patients find the right fit and discover alternative masks for their facial features.

MaskFit AR, a remote CPAP mask-fitting technology, aims to help patients find the right mask the first time and help patients who are struggling with their current mask. With a large global CPAP mask database that’s integrated with a neural network of input from facial measurements, demographic and clinical data, and satisfaction scores, MaskFit AR’s patent-pending smart algorithms automatically provide a selection of best-suited masks for individuals of any age, gender, and ethnicity.

Circadiance’s partnership with the company ensures patients who scan their faces with the application may be paired with a SleepWeaver mask.

By joining with MaskFit AR, Circadiance can now reach new patients with its masks. The application measures in <0.1mm measurements over the face and also measures the nostrils for sizes of nasal pillows and under-the-nose style masks. Scans can be done in a provider’s office or at home. It is HIPAA compliant and does not require photos to be taken, stored, or transmitted. 

“We are excited to partner with MaskFit since it will help us to reach new patients to demonstrate the superior qualities of our PAP masks,” says David Groll, founder and chief executive officer of Circadiance, in a blog post

The skin-friendly, elastic fabric on SleepWeaver mask interfaces conforms to patients’ facial features, so there are no pressure points, according to the company’s blog post.

Photo caption: Circadiance’s SleepWeaver 3D CPAP mask / File photo