The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) named Sunrise and AYO winners of the 2022 SleepTech Award. 

NSF’s SleepTech Award recognizes 2022’s most innovative efforts in advancing sleep technology and is a feature of NSF’s ongoing work to encourage and celebrate efforts by which sleep science and insight are rapidly incorporated into accessible health products and services.

The annual award is given in two categories: Sleep Disorders and Conditions, which includes solutions that seek to improve the patient experience for diagnosis and treatment; and Sleep Health and Wellness, which includes products and services consumers can use as part of their daily routine for sleep and health.

“We congratulate Novalogy and Sunrise for winning our 2022 SleepTech Award,” says John Lopos, chief executive officer of NSF, in a release. “Both organizations are incorporating sleep science and insight into developing products that can help consumers and patients get the sleep they need to be healthy.”

Sunrise—winner in the Sleep Disorders and Conditions category—describes its product as a disposable, diagnostic home-based solution consisting of a single sensor on the patient’s chin, a smartphone app, and a cloud platform that healthcare professionals can use to manage sleep studies that aid physicians in diagnosing sleep-disordered breathing. Sunrise is FDA de novo granted.

“We are honored and proud to receive the National Sleep Foundation’s 2022 SleepTech Award for our sleep diagnostic aid solution,” says Laurent Martinot, CEO and co-founder of Sunrise, in a release. “Sleep apnea remains a largely undiagnosed condition that affects nearly a billion people worldwide and has a profound impact on health and society. We believe Sunrise technology can play an increasing role in diagnosing the millions who remain undiagnosed.”

Novalogy’s AYO is SleepTech Award winner in the Sleep Health and Wellness category. As described by Novology, AYO is a circadian health wearable that focuses on circadian rhythm and combines chronobiology research and light therapy.  

“We are truly grateful to the National Sleep Foundation for the recognition of our efforts in advancing consumer sleep and health technology, with the goal of better sleep and a healthier life for millions of people around the world—a mission that’s close to our heart at Novalogy. After years of development, it’s truly gratifying to unveil AYO,” says Branislav Nikolic, CEO and founder of Novalogy, in a release.

The NSF also acknowledged two SleepTech Award finalists in each category: Innogized Technologies and Adaptive Sound Technologies in the Sleep Health and Wellness Category and Signifier Medical Technologies and AR Medical Technologies in the Sleep Disorders and Conditions category.

Innogized Technologies describes its product, Neut, as a tool that empowers parents to create safe sleep environments for infants to help monitor conditions that may lead to sudden infant death syndrome.

Adaptive Sound Technologies offers a sound machine called Sound+Sleep that uses what the company describes as digital technology that provides richly detailed sound environments designed to help users relax, get to sleep, and stay asleep, even with disruptive noise.

Signifier Medical Technologies is a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing innovative, noninvasive solutions for patients with snoring and sleep-disordered breathing conditions. Its product, eXciteOSA, is an FDA-approved daytime therapy designed to strengthen weak tongue muscles known to be a root cause of sleep apnea and snoring.

AR Medical Technologies’ product, MaskFit AR is an app-based platform that helps users find the right fit for CPAP/ BiPAP masks. It uses an extensive database of mask measurements from various manufacturers and a neural network that combines face measurements, demographic data, clinical data, and satisfaction data. The company’s machine learning algorithms then use this data to suggest the best-suited mask for every individual.