Dongguan, China-based sleep technology brand the DeRUCCI Group launched a new smart sleep line of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered mattresses, pillows, and beds

Based on international AI and sleep medicine research conducted with universities and institutions, the intelligent sleep health ecosystem is designed to improve sleep via AI algorithms and technologies for smart products. The line includes an AI-powered mattress combined with adjustable bed, smart pillows for snoring relief, and an AI-powered “rapid sleep system” to combat insomnia.

DeRUCCI developed the smart mattresses with its new AI Tidal algorithm. Leveraging the company’s research in ergonomics, AI, and big data—and analyzing factors, such as body mass index, sleeping positions, pressure distribution, height, and firmness—the algorithm enables the mattress to adapt to pressure curves in real-time on a person’s shoulders, waist, hips, legs, and other areas during sleep. 

The AI technology analyzes and makes adjustments independently on both sides of the mattress without interfering with the other partner, allowing the bed to adapt to an individual’s needs and care, according to a release from the company.

“DeRUCCI’s AI smart mattress is a mattress that understands you,” says Hua Lei, general manager of smart sleep at DeRUCCI, in a release. “During sleep, it records physiological indicators, such as heart rate and respiration with an accuracy rate exceeding 95% when compared to medical devices. It also calculates sleep stages with an accuracy rate of 93.4% when compared to PSG and scientifically evaluates sleep quality and efficiency, supporting sleep health and reducing tossing and turning for a deep sleep that can enhance immunity. The mattress also offers far-infrared graphene thermal warmth for the feet, ensuring a more comfortable sleep during the cold winter months.”

The DeRUCCI smart sleep line features include:

  • DeRUCCI Tidal algorithm: simultaneously adapts and customizes to each user’s individual various sleeping positions and makes real-time adjustments to match height, shape, and body areas, such as shoulders, back, waist, hips, and legs.
  • Does not disturb partners: adapts to different force curves from bone structure to muscle state with partners’ adjustments taking about one minute designed not to disturb a partner.
  • DeRUCCI AI air spring support and algorithm controls: piezoelectric ceramic sensors control rubber-sensing airbags and support materials, such as springs, foam, and latex. The airbag’s height and firmness are also adjusted for position and smoothness.
  • AI sleep monitoring and reports: analyzes changes in users’ physiological parameters monitoring sleep with reports on sleep quality, making it easier to reach deep sleep. Provides personalized sleep consultations and recommendations with sleep medicine companies to optimize sleep, exercise, and diet.
  • Graphene far-infrared heat: provides smart temperature controls with graphene far-infrared heat of up to 104°F with temperature safety functions for intelligent adjustments and intelligent sleep assistance.
  • AI sleep health warnings: analyzes users’ disease data, along with geographic location, age, and sleep monitoring metrics, to provide early chronic disease warnings.
  • Rapid sleep system: a medical-grade, non-pharmacological solution designed for insomnia with pulsed magnetic therapy and one year of digital medical services.
  • Smart pillow: designed to alleviate snoring and improve daytime sleepiness. Research shows that changing sleeping positions from a supine to a lateral position can improve snoring, avoiding low oxygen, carbon dioxide retention, and high blood carbon dioxide symptoms strongly associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and strokes.
  • •eRUCCI smart sleep app: personalized AI sleep consultant employing ChatGPT-style Q&A to address sleep-related questions, such as how many hours adults should sleep each day and the benefits of deep sleep.

The DeRUCCI Smart Sleep Line will be available starting this month. DeRUCCI has 5,700 stores in 17 countries/regions selling mattresses, bed frames, dining sets, sofas, and massage chairs. 

Photo caption: DeRUCCI smart mattress

Photo credit: DeRUCCI Group