Advanced Brain Monitoring Inc (ABM) is using a unique strategy to collect compliance data on its novel Night Shift obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treatment: a crowd-funded clinical trial. Night Shift is a new neck-worn device that treats positional OSA, including severe cases up to an AHI of 60. It is in the final stages of Food and Drug Administration approval. This will be the first opportunity for OSA patients to try the device and for OSA therapy prescribers to become dealers.

The campaign launched today on crowd-funding platform Indiegogo.

Patients who join the campaign will receive a Night Shift at the discounted price of $269. They will also be enrolled in a 6-month study to evaluate the therapeutic benefit, utilization, and perceived benefit to the bed partner. To help patients cover the cost of the Night Shift, ABM will assist them with obtaining insurance reimbursement.

Sleep centers, durable medical equipment companies (DMEs), and dentists can also join the campaign as dealers. Dealers will be provided first access to the Night Shift so they can start evaluating the therapy on their patients. Dealers who refer patients to the campaign will also obtain preferential pricing and obtain the results from the reimbursement trial.

The 5-minute campaign video explains how the product and the campaign work. ABM will also be holding two webinars on April 24 at lunchtime on the East Coast (12:30 EDT) and West Coast (12:30 PDT). The 20-minute webinar will provide details to those interested in referring patients to the campaign and it will provide an opportunity to ask questions about joining as a dealer.

The campaign ends on June 22.