DeVilbiss Healthcare released its new EasyFit SilkGel Nasal and Full Face Masks, featuring an ultra-soft coating, which provides smooth mask and forehead cushions for enhanced comfort.

“Both EasyFit SilkGel Masks provide the same features as the original EasyFit Masks,” said Sarah Keener, product director of interfaces for DeVilbiss Healthcare. “However, in addition to the ultra-soft cushions, the adjustable forehead support and the redesigned headgear offer a more comfortable and secure fit.”

The EasyFit masks were designed by using computer analyses of facial characteristics from 50,000 individuals globally. Identifying consistencies between the profiles contributed to the development of the unique, scallop-shaped cushion.

As part of the new headgear design, the color-coded Velcro fasteners make it easier to manage, and the tube anchoring strap on the headgear provides an additional fastening option for wearing the tube over the patient’s head.

The ball-and-socket joint at the tubing connector accommodates active sleepers and contributes to the mask’s overall comfort. In addition, the EasyFit exhalation system is designed so that neither the patient nor the sleeping partner is disturbed by the flow of air, and the nose flange prevents mask leaks near the eyes.

“Acceptance of a comfortable CPAP mask is one of the biggest factors contributing to patient adherence,” said Craig Haba, vice president of marketing for DeVilbiss Healthcare. “The EasyFit SilkGel Masks provide a new level of performance to help achieve this goal.”