Feeling tired all of the time has become a sort of “badge of honor,” reports The Debrief.

It would be fair to say that society is totally obsessed with sleep. In some ways this makes sense: if we don’t sleep we will, quite literally, die. It’s a common denominator too because every single person in the world has to sleep. But there’s another side to this: the policing of sleep. Just like most other areas of our lives – our Instagram profiles, the clothes we wear, the size of our bums – the bombardment of how badly we’re sleeping, how we should really be working on our sleep hygiene, the general line of how shit we are at sleeping, is exhausting. I’m not denying the facts; that sleep, either too much or too little, can hugely impact on health – a recent study shows there’s a sweet spot at around 7-8 hours – but it’s yet another thing for us to feel inferior about.