This pillow, described by Big Think, seeks to solve a person’s sleep woes.

Packed with sensors that track movement, LED lights, a microphone, and speakers, the Sunrise Pillow helps you control the light and sounds in your room for a better sleep experience. To help you fall asleep the pillow is equipped with various nature sounds, meditation music, and binaural beats that lower your brain rate. The pillow also has a sound conditioning feature that produces white noise, pink noise and different fan sounds that can mask unwanted noises like a television or even your partner’s snoring (the team claims).

To help you wake up in the most refreshed state, the pillow tracks your circadian rhythm and wakes you up in the moment of your lightest sleep. In addition, the LED lights along the edges start changing color in advance, from a soft morning red all the way to filling your entire room with daylight thus reducing the production of melatonin in your body and emulating the way it would wake up in nature.