An Apple watch app called Lark uses sensors to track movement and sleep and uses an automated health coach to give the user advice, as reported by The Huffington Post.

The free app, which was released for the iPhone in 2014, uses the sensors in your device to track your movements and sleep. But its most important feature is its built-in personal assistant, which chats with you almost like a person would.

This automated health coach gives you advice to help you stay on track, drawing its knowledge from a database put together by a team of behavioral change experts, fitness experts, nutritionists and sleep experts. You can text or dictate to your automated coach, and it will ask you what you ate and give you feedback on your exercise, sleep and eating habits.

“Lark is like your personal weight loss coach or fitness trainer,” Lark co-founder and CEO Julia Hu told The Huffington Post in an interview. “Most of our users are folks who want to lose a few pounds, and they’ve used a pedometer and calorie counter and it hasn’t worked.”

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