Women’s Health Magazine reviews how custom pillows can improve sleep quality.

Custom pillows are made specifically for you, based on things like how hot you run at night, your body measurements and age, and the amount of support you like to get while sleeping. An initial sweep of custom pillows on the Internet made me hesitant as they can definitely be an investment, though they range from as low as $30 to over $300.

“Pillows can definitely improve your quality of sleep,” says J. Rick Rafael, DPT, CSCS, an orthopedic specialist. “The most important factor to consider is the spine—pillows that allow for a neutral spine position are best for most people.”

For people like me who are constantly looking for more support and wake up with stiffness, Dr. Rafael also says that a firm pillow is typically recommended for improved neck and spinal support. “New technical fabrics that help with temperature control are also very beneficial,” he says.