From a REM sleep tracker to a white noise machine, a Business Insider report looks at the new technology on the market that can help improve sleep.

Tech in the bedroom is often seen as a huge no-no. Although advancements in the tech industry are usually a good thing, as they help us be more connected and informed, technology can sometimes cause us more harm than good.

The bedroom is one of those areas where our much-loved portable devices can be damaging to our health. For instance, it’s been proven that staring at screens before sleep can disrupt your sleep cycle, impair your memory, and damage your vision. If you’re trying to fall asleep faster at night, you’d be right to ban your electronic devices from your bedroom.

Not all gadgets are created equal, however. Although phones and laptops should be left alone before you slip under your sheets, some pieces of tech can actually optimize your sleep and make your mornings feel less painful. And since most of us don’t get enough sleep, we should probably all be investing in those products.

Photo Credit: Dave Smith/Tech Insider

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