An American College of Cardiology study finds that taking a nap longer than 40 minutes may increase the risk of certain health problems, according to Bustle.

Conducted at the American College of Cardiology, the sleep study found that taking naps longer than 40 minutes puts you at increased risk for all kinds of health problems. To come to this determination, the scientist leading the study, Dr. Tomohide, tracked the sleep patterns of 300,000 people from all over the globe. He found that, of those 300,000 subjects, the ones who took frequent naps longer than 40 minutes in duration elevated their risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and carrying excess fat around the mid-section. And if you like your naps 90 minutes or longer, the bad news just keeps coming — naps of this length reportedly up the odds of developing type two diabetes by an alarming 50 percent.

f you’re not a long day-napper, you’re not out of the wood just yet. According to the study, feeling excessively tired during the day (hello, my life) is also associated with an increased risk for developing metabolic syndrome. Having said all of this, don’t lapse into a state of utter despair just yet. While it certainly isn’t heartening to hear the findings on the link between long naps/excessive fatigue and major health concerns, no one is saying you have to ban napping altogether. Subjects who napped for less than 40 minutes showed no increased risk of for metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, the sleep study showed a decrease in the risk of certain conditions when the subjects napped for less than half an hour. Short nappers, rejoice!

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