Saturated fat really is bad for you, according to a review paper published in Circulation and analyzed by a writer on Huffington Post. 

he authors systematically address not only the lofty claim that saturated fat was unfairly convicted of crimes against our coronaries, they also explore every component part of that revisionist history. They examine the evidence linking saturated fat to elevations of blood lipids, notably LDL, and the evidence linking LDL to coronary disease. They parse out the effects of diverse fatty acids and their darling sources, from coconut oil to chocolate. Throughout, they are attentive to the “instead of what?” question so crucial to nutritional epidemiology, and so often overlooked. They even address the studies that “disagree” with their primary conclusions, and openly explore reasons for diverging results.

I don’t recommend you take my word for any of this. Instead, I recommend you read the paper and see for yourself. I anticipate those most devoted to the false aggrandizement of cream and sausage are least likely to do that for fear of what they will find, just as those so disposed divert their eyes from the proof of climate change and our complicity in it, or of evolution.