Mother of two Danielle Wright has developed a guide for parents to help get children to sleep that includes beaning exercise and positive affirmations, reports The Daily Mail.

The Sydney resident told Daily Mail Australia she started a simple sleep ritual with her kids that she says is guaranteed to make them nod off, and has shared her five steps to dream-filled nights in her book: Sleepy Magic.

The book is a guide for parents to help combat sleepless nights.

Steps include a series of positive affirmations, asking ‘what are you proud of today?’, a breathing exercise, imaginative story and body relaxation.

Mrs Wright started the bedtime routine after a ‘mid-life crisis’ saw her leave her stressful career running an advertising agency to find peace through holistic practices.

‘I just wasn’t living the life I wanted to live,’ Mrs Wright, 43, told Daily Mail Australia.

I was one of those supermums trying to run my own business, have a family, and run a household.
‘I thought ‘I can’t keep living like this, it’s not good for me or my family’.’

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