Ticktock is the sound of a sleep epidemic, where, for every Jeffrey Katzenberg in the office at 5 AM., there are 1,000 execs and actors who toss and turn all night as new drugs and strategies calm the effects of airplane travel, anxiety, and natural aggression, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

While most outsiders want to know who’s going to bed with whom in Hollywood, those who live here just want to know who’s going to bed and staying there. Because as seductive as beautiful people and luxury bedding are, they’re not enough to help the town’s Type As get their daily ZZZs. “Is it me, or is nobody in this town able to get to sleep these days?” asks Joanne Horowitz, manager to Kevin Spacey and Scott Eastwood. Across all ages, sexes and careers, the people in the so-called dream factory of Hollywood, who need to be asleep by 9 p.m. to make that 5 a.m. gym or makeup call, instead are tossing around bug-eyed, staring at the flat screen or the iPhone.