Bustle interviews experts about how to get rest while flying.

Dr. Roy Raymann, vice president of sleep science and scientific affairs at SleepScore Labs, tells Bustle that it’s important you’re dressed comfortably for your flight. “You should be wearing comfortable clothing — items can include loose clothing, long sleeve pullovers, and sleep socks,” he says.

Dr. Sujay Kansagra, Mattress Firm’s sleep health expert, also tells Bustle that nighttime routines are an important part of sleep hygiene. “No matter how far you travel, remember that many parts of your nighttime routine are portable, so keep your nighttime routine the same when you travel,” he says. Plus, studies show that routines help everyone sleep — both kids and adults alike, he says.

Dr. Kansagra says it’s also important to adjust your internal body clock when flying, especially long distances. “When we fly across multiple time zones, our bodies continue to function based on the time back home instead of the time at the destination, and this mismatch creates jet lag,” he says. “But jet lag can be improved simply by timing your exposure to light since our brains adjust our circadian rhythm based on light exposure.”